Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Hand Held Optical Fiber Identifier

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    Fiberdyne Labs Fiber Identifier, Model FL-OFI-X, is a rugged, easy to use installation and maintenance instrument which identifies optical fiber by detecting the optical signals being transmitted through a singlemode fiber. By utilizing local detection technology (non-destructive macro-bend detection), the FL-OFI-X eliminates the need to open the fiber at the splice point for identification; eliminating the probability of interrupting service.


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    Signals detected by the Model FL-OFI-X include continuous wave, live optical transmission, and low frequency modulated tones at 270, 1000, and 2000 Hz. When traffic is present on the fiber tested, the direction of transmission is indicated by LEDs illuminating the probe. When modulated tones are present on the fiber under test, the FL-OFI-X will detect and illuminate the corresponding LED for 270 Hz, 1000 Hz, or 2000 Hz. The FL-OFI-X has the widest environmental operating range of any optical fiber identifier on the market today.


Hand Held, Lightweight, Rugged, Easy to Use
  • - +20 dBm to -40 dBm core power detection.
  • - Operated with one hand.
  • - Interchangeable adapter heads for jacketed, coated, or ribbon fiber.
  • - Weighs less than 7.6 oz.
  • - Complete with carrying case.
  • - Attaches to a belt or tool pouch.
  • - Uses a 9 volt battery.
Battery Powered

Live Fiber Identifier
  • - Operates from 800nm to 1700nm.
  • - Compatible with most single-mode optical fiber.
  • - Uses non-destructive macro bend detection technology.

Easy to Use
  • - Bi-directional traffic indication.
  • - High intensity LED indication of active signal transmission.
  • - Detects presence of 270 Hz, 1000 Hz, and 2000 Hz. modulated tones.
  • - Low battery indication.
  • - Self test on power-up.


Using the Fiberdyne Labs FL-OFI-X in conjunction with Fiberdyne Labs Laser/LED
sources outlined below offers optimum fiber optic identification capability.
Description FL-OFI-1 FL-OFI-2
Wavelength850nm to 1700nm
Core Power Detect0 to -40dBm+20 to -20dBm
Presence of CW SignalXX
Tone Detection270 Hz  1 KHz   2 KHz


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FL-OFI-1 Advanced Hand Held
Optical Fiber Identifier Probe
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FL-OFI-2 CATV Hand Held
Optical Fiber Identifier Probe
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FD-04419965 Optical 2mm Adapter Call to Order


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