Fiberdyne Labs Wilcom F-Series Test Equipment


Power Meter
    The power meter is meant to meet the high demands of fiber optic testing. It can be used for the absolute power measurement and relative measurement of the link loss in dB. Its compact size, user friendly interface, broad power measurement range and precision makes it a high performance testing device ideal for network testing. Available with 1,000 point data measurement storage and reporting software with USB connection to a compatible Windows device. Interchangeable adapter caps are included (ST, FC, SC, universal 2.5mm & 1.2mm)


Light Source
    The light sources include a dual wavelength multimode (LED) or singlemode (Laser) light source. When used with the Wilcom power meter, they provide accurate and cost efficient test solutions for fiber optic networks. Interchangeable adapter caps are included (ST, FC & SC)
Wilcom Meter & Light Source
Wilcom Meter & Light Source


  • - Zero set reference at each wavelength
  • - 10 minute Auto Shut Off
  • - 40-hour battery life
  • - Battery level indicator
  • - Protective carrying case
  • - Convenient backlight screen
  • - 3 alkaline AA batteries


Specifications: PDF File


Ordering Information
Power Meter Part Number Description Buy
F8513PM FDL30032676 Power Meter, Standard with 0.01dB Resolution Call to Order
F8513PMD FDL30032677 Power Meter, Advanced with Data Storage, Reporting Software & USB Call to Order
F8513PMC FDL30032675 Power Meter, CATV Power Range -45 dBm to +23 dBm Call to Order


Light Source Part Number Description Buy
F8513LS FDL30032682 Dual 850/1300nm LED Light Source Call to Order
F1315LS FDL30032679 Dual 1310/1550nm Laser Light Source Call to Order


Wilcom Power Meter & Light Source Test Kit
Wilcom Power Meter & Light Source Test Kit


Ordering Information
Model Part Number Description Power Meter Source SM Source MM Buy
FSMKIT1 FDL30032685 SM (1310/1550)
Test Kit
F8513PM F1315LS   Call to Order
FSMKIT2 FDL30032688 SM (1310/1550)
Test Kit (w/Storage)
F8513PMD F1315LS   Call to Order
FMMKIT3 FDL30032691 MM (850/1300)
Test Kit
F8513PM   F8513LS Call to Order
FMMKIT4 FDL30032694 MM (850/1300)
Test Kit (w/Storage)
F8513PMD   F8513LS Call to Order
FQUADKIT5 FDL30032697 SM/MM (850/1300/1310/1550)
Test Kit
F8513PM F1315LS F8513LS Call to Order
FQUADKIT6 FDL30032673 SM/MM (850/1300/1310/1550)
Test Kit (w/Storage)
F8513PMD F1315LS F8513LS Call to Order
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