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Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit


Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit Opened


  • The advantages of the Senko Kit over the Sticklers FK08 kit are:
       - Senko kit’s optical wipes are larger than Sticklers wipes. The Senko kit has 300 total wipes while Sticklers is 215 total wipes. A difference of 85 more wipes.
       - The 1.25mm and 2.5mm cleaners in the Senko kit are 1000 shots per cleaner. Sticklers have 750 shots. The Senko kit will enable customer to clean 250 more connectors per ferrule size.
       - The Senko kit has 40 sticks of both 1.25mm and 2.5mm while Sticklers FK08 contains 30 of the 2.5mm and 20 of the 1.25mm. The Senko kit will clean 30 more connectors.
       - The Senko custom case is rugged plastic with two slide locks and room for additional items in the case. The case also provides a spot for a padlock (not included). The Sticklers kit uses a canvas bag with zipper and does not have room for other items.


Cleaning Kits
Description Fiberdyne P/N
Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit FSKO-FCK-1000
Bag of 100 4x4 Optical Wipes FSKO-FCK-1001
Non Flammable Solvent Pen FSKO-FCK-1002
1.25mm Cleaning Sticks FSKO-FCK-1003
2.5mm Cleaning Sticks FSKO-FCK-1004
1.25mm Neoclean F Clicker FSKO-FCK-1005
2.5mm Neoclean F Clicker FSKO-FCK-1006


Senko Cleaning Products

Fiberdyne Labs now carries an expanded lineup of optical cleaners from Senko Cleaning Products for all types of optical connectors including MPO, SC, LC, FC and ST.
New York
MPO Cleaner
Smart Cleaner MPO
CS-LC Cleaner
Smart Cleaner CS-LC
Smart Cleaner Cassette
Smart Cleaner Cassette
Smart Cleaner Replacement Cartridge
Smart Cleaner Replacement Cartridge


  • - Designed for all types of connectors
  • - Compact size for easy hand-held operations
  • - Dry-clean without the use of harmful substances
  • - Cleaning micro fibers are densely stranded and debris free
  • - Replaceable cartridge
  • - Constructed with anti-static material
  • - 750+ cleanings per unit
  • - Easy pushing motion engages connector and initiates cleaner
  • - Extendable tip reaches recessed connectors
  • - Cleaning system rotates 180 for a full sweep


Senko Catalog


Fiberdyne Part Number Senko Part Number Description Buy
FSKO-3000 SCK-SS-CS Smart Cleaner for CS-LC, Cleans unmated and in adapter, Keyed cleaning tip for alignment, 750+ Cleanings per replacement cartridge Call to Order
FSKO-3002 SCK-SS-250 Smart Cleaner for SC, FC, ST, E2000 750+ cleanings per replacement cartridge Call to Order
FSKO-3004 SCK-SS-MPO Smart Cleaner for MPO, 600+ cleanings per, Disposable unit Call to Order
FSKO-3005 SCK-CC-100 Smart Cleaner Cassette, 400+ Cleanings per disposable unit Call to Order


Fiberdyne Part Number Senko Part Number Description Buy
FSKO-3001 SCK-SS-CS-R Replacement cartridge for SCK-SS-CS, pkg of 3, 750+ cleanings per cartridge Call to Order
FSKO-3003 SCK-SS-250-R Replacement cartridge for SCK-SS-250, pkg of 3, 750+ cleanings per cartridge Call to Order


FSKO-3100 SCK-01 1.25mm Cleaning Stick, 250 pcs (PRICE PER STICK) Call to Order
FSKO-3101 SCK-02 2.50mm Cleaning Stick, 250 pcs (PRICE PER STICK) Call to Order
FSKO-3102 SCK-03 Broadcast Stick, 250 pcs (PRICE PER STICK) Call to Order
FSKO-3103 AFT-A-EWP Fiber Optic Cleaning Pen Call to Order
FSKO-3104 AFT-A-FS Cleaning Solvent Call to Order


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