Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. FiberChek™ Probe Microscope

Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. FiberChek Probe Microscope


    The FiberChek™ probe builds on industry-leading Viavi expertise in fiber inspection to deliver an all-in-one handheld for technicians at every skill level. Meeting all fiber inspection needs with built-in image viewing, auto-focus, pass/fail analysis, and result storage and recall, the FiberChek probe completely automates inspection workflows to ensure fast and accurate performance. Used alone or connected to other devices (WiFi, Bluetooth, USB), the FiberChek probe is the essential fiber tool for every technician.
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    Fully Autonomous Inspection with an All-in-One Solution
    With FiberChek, technicians get a complete fiber-inspection solution in the palm of their hand. There is no need to connect to other devices to inspect, test, or store. All of those capabilities, and more, are already built into the FiberChek probe.


    Tool Rack Person Rack


  • - An integrated touch-screen display shows live images and analysis results with easy navigation
  • - With automated end-face analysis built-in, FiberChek lets technicians test and certify to industry standards at the push of a button
  • - Easily navigate and select your desired acceptance criteria including IEC-61300-3-35 standards or customer-specific requirements
  • - Store, name, and recall test results directly on the instrument


  • - Achieve fully autonomous inspection with an all-in-one solution
  • - Automate inspection workflows
  • - Ensure accurate and fast test performance
  • - Easily access connections anywhere
  • - Connect with other Viavi instruments and mobile devices


  • - Integrated touch screen with live fiber viewing
  • - Auto-center
  • - Auto-focus
  • - Built-in fiber end-face analysis
  • - User-selectable acceptance profiles
  • - Stores results on device or exports
  • - Connects via Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB


Automate your Inspection Workflow with the Press of a Button
Contaminated connectors are the #1 cause for troubleshooting in optical networks. Maintaining best practices with an Inspect Before You Connect workflow is essential, but without the right tools, it is difficult and time consuming. FiberChek eliminates these challenges by fully automating every detail of the inspection workflow. Give your technicians the capabilities to work Fiber Smart!
  1. Find the fiber.
  2. Focus the image.
  3. Analyze the fiber end face.
  4. Record the results.
Probe Microscope Probe Microscope Analyzing Fiber


Test any Connector in any Location

Fiber connections are everywhere. Unfortunately, some places are harder to access than others. At Viavi, its our goal to ensure that technicians can maintain best practices everywhere in their network, regardless of the location, accessibility, or connector type. Inspect Before You Connect (IYBC) is recognized throughout the world as the best practice to ensure clean fiber connections.

    FiberChek ensures that IBYC is easy and routine, letting technicians:
  • - Climb towers, poles, etc.
  • - Reach overhead raceways
  • - Access high-density patch panels and tray systems
  • - Check multi-fiber ribbon connectors
  • - Test connectors on cards and circuit boards

Performing Maintenance
Testing on the rack Testing on the rack
And, it supports all existing FBPT inspection tips such as standard, long reach, ribbon, 60-degree angled, and many more. Technicians leverage their existing tips with no new investment!


Standard Tip
Standard Tip
Long Reach Tip
Long Reach Tip
Ribbon Tips
Ribbon Tip
60 Degree Angled Tips
60 Degree Angled Tip
Integrate with Viavi Test Devices
As an all-in-one inspection solution, the FiberChek probe rarely needs to connect to other devices. However, many technicians already use other devices as part of their testing and do not want to disrupt their existing workflows. Thats why FiberChek integrates with other Viavi test devices to significantly improve productivity when you use them together. FiberChek can function independently of another test device, saving time by letting technicians test their next ports while an existing test is still in process.
Connectable Viavi devices include: SmartClass™ Fiber family, T-BERD®/MTS family, OneExpert™ (ONX) family, CellAdvisor®, Certifier40G™, and MP-60 optical power meter FiberChek Probe Microscope.
Other Devices


Increase productivity - when connected to other Viavi test instruments, such as an OTDR, technicians can inspect the next port while an OTDR test is in progress, eliminating the inspection time from the test workflow.
Typical Workflow


Host an MP-60 power meter - inspection and power measurement are perhaps the two most commonly performed fiber tests. With FiberChek connected to an MP-60, technicians can inspect a port, gather OPM readings, store all results, and then generate an integrated report that includes both inspection results and OPM readings.
Standalone Operation


Leverage Your Mobile Device for Added Test and Inspection Benefits
Mobile devices are essential for technicians to do their jobs effectively. From handling service calls and managing job tickets to sending test reports and storing results in the cloud, technicians rely on their smartphones, tablets, and PCs to get the job done quickly. Leveraging a technicians mobile devices as part of the fiber inspection and test workflow is critically important. Thats why FiberChek integrates seamlessly with:

  • - Android (with FiberChekMOBILE™ for Android)
  • - iPhone and iPad (with FiberChekMOBILE for iOS)
  • - Windows tablets/PCs/laptops (with FiberChekPRO™)

Technicians can inspect end-face quality, measure optical power, and certify fiber connectors to industry standards right on their FiberChek-connected mobile device. In addition, they can leverage their mobile device to:

  • - Export results
  • - View live images and operate controls from the mobile device
  • - Manage and recall stored results
  • - Generate certification reports
  • - Share results and reports via e-mail or cloud storage
  • - GPS tag the location of each test
  • - Input test information via a full keyboard or voice-to-text dictation

Fiberchek™ Probe Microscope
FiberChek™ Probe Microscope


Fiberdyne Part Number Viavi Part Number Description Buy
FVS-1001 FIT-FC-KIT1 FiberChek probe, case, FBPT-U25M, tip case Call to Order
FVS-1002 FIT-FC-KIT2 Kit: FiberChek probe, case, FBPT-LC, FBPT-SC, FBPT-U12M, FBPT-U25M, tip case Call to Order
FVS-1003 FIT-FC-KIT3 Kit: FiberChek probe, case, FBPT-LC, FBPT-SC, FBPT-SC-APC,
FBPT-U12M, FBPT-U25M, FBPT-U25MA, tip case
Call to Order
FVS-1004 FBPP-DPAC7 Rugged MicroUSB cable Call to Order
FVS-1005 FBPP-DPAC8 OTG Cable Call to Order


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