Fiberdyne Labs Senko LC EZ-HD Traceable Assemblies


Senko LC EZ-HD Traceable Assemblies
    This technology solves the problem of unintelligent fiber optic cables and bridges the gap between extremely expensive and custom proprietary cable location management solutions in Data Centers. Simply turn on the pull tab switch to activate the L.E.D. cable location feature. Identify and find each end of your jumper instantly with no other tools needed.


  • - Identify termination in seconds
  • - Never pull wrong connection, zero disruption
  • - Enhanced labeling and documentation
  • - More efficent cable management
  • - Compact Switchable Unibody Duplex format
  • - Dust cap discipline feature


  • - Military IT Networks
  • - Secure Federal IT Networks
  • - Commercial Data Centers
  • - Private Networks
  • - Industrial Process Control
  • - Fiber Sensor Applications


  • - On-Off switch on both ends so tracing cables only requires one person
  • - Quickest and most accurate method of identifying fiber optic jumpers
  • - Comes with integrated pull tab for ease of installing and de-installing cables in extremely high density situations on patch panels and hardware (NO TOOLS NEEDED)
  • - Risk Management: Minimize the risk of down time by insuring that the wrong fiber optic cable is not taken out of service.
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Senko LC EZ-HD Traceable Assemblies
Part Number Description Buy
FSKO-LC-EZTraceHD-SM-XXXM Singlemode LC-LC Call to Order
FSKO-LC-EZTraceHD-OM4-XXXM Multimode OM4 LC-LC Call to Order

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