Fiberdyne Labs Senko FC/APC Premium Attenuator


Senko FC/APC Premium Attenuator

    Senko's Premium Attenuators are GR 910 certified by Experior Laboratories (SC APC and LC UPC). The Premium Attenuator passed all required mechanical testing including the extended life 5,000 hour environmental testing, and the solid body LC Attenuator has a stronger design for greater mechanical strength. The Compact LC Housing reduces the overall length, while the wavelength independent premium fiber allows a wide range of usage including existing PON Network.


  • - Return Loss:    ≥ 55dB (UPC)
                                 ≥ 65dB (APC)
  • - Attenuation Tolerance:    1 to 10dB: ±0.5, 11 to 30 dB: ±5% (for 3 wavelength)
  • - Operational Wavelengths:    1310 ± 40nm, 1490 ± 20nm, 1550± 40nm
  • - Operating Temperature:    -40 to +75 C°
  • - Maximum Power:    500mw


  • - SC and LC GR910 Certified
  • - Dope Fiber Technology
  • - Wide Operating Wavelength (1270 ~ 1650)
  • - Low Back Reflection
  • - High Durability over High Power
  • - One piece housing construction including LC & MU for better side load performance
  • - Metal-ion doped fiber (continuous)
  • - Attenuation levels ranging from 1dB to 30dB


FC/APC Senko Dope Fiber Attenuator
Fiberdyne Part Number Senko Part Number Description Buy
FSKO-ATN-532-01-1 ATN-532-01-1 1dB Call to Order
FSKO-ATN-532-02-1 ATN-532-02-1 2dB Call to Order
FSKO-ATN-532-03-1 ATN-532-03-1 3dB Call to Order
FSKO-ATN-532-04-1 ATN-532-04-1 4dB Call to Order
FSKO-ATN-532-05-1 ATN-532-05-1 5dB Call to Order
FSKO-ATN-532-06-1 ATN-532-06-1 6dB Call to Order
FSKO-ATN-532-07-1 ATN-532-07-1 7dB Call to Order
FSKO-ATN-532-08-1 ATN-532-08-1 8dB Call to Order
FSKO-ATN-532-09-1 ATN-532-09-1 9dB Call to Order
FSKO-ATN-532-10-1 ATN-532-10-1 10dB Call to Order
FSKO-ATN-532-12-1 ATN-532-12-1 12dB Call to Order
FSKO-ATN-532-15-1 ATN-532-15-1 15dB Call to Order
FSKO-ATN-532-20-1 ATN-532-20-1 20dB Call to Order
FSKO-ATN-532-25-1 ATN-532-25-1 25dB Call to Order


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