Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Power Meter Adapter Caps

Power Meter Adapter Caps


    The adapter caps are used on the Fiberdyne Optical Fiber Meters.
    Select the cap, as required, for your cable/connector type.
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PDF Version of Web page Power Meter Adapter Caps Technical Data Sheet


Fiberdyne Labs Adapter Caps for FD-FM8515C High-power Meter
Item No. Connector Buy
FL-AC-2C ST Call to Order
FL-AC-3C SC Call to Order
FL-AC-4C FC Call to Order
FL-AC-5C SMA Call to Order
FL-AC-6C Biconic Call to Order
FL-AC-7C LC Call to Order


Fiberdyne Labs Adapter Caps for FD-FM8515-B, & FD-FM8520 Power Meters
Item No. Connector Buy
FL-AC-1 *Universal Call to Order
FL-AC-2 ST Call to Order
FL-AC-3 SC Call to Order
FL-AC-4 FC Call to Order
FL-AC-5 SMA Call to Order
FL-AC-6 Biconic Call to Order
FL-AC-7 LC Call to Order
*Note: Fits any connector with 2.5mm Ferrule


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