1U Rackmount Dual Fiber Loop Module


    Fiberdyne Labs' 1U 19/23" Rackmount Dual Fiber Loop Module provides a convenient solution for lab fiber testing. The module consists of two separate fiber loops with multiple connector and length options.

  • - 19" or 23" Rackmount Package
  • - Multiple Connector Options
  • - Low Insertion Loss
  • - Corning SMF-28® Ultra Fiber

    • Applications:
      • - Lab Testing
      • - OTDR Dead Zone Elimination


Ordering Information
Part Number Fiber Loop Length
Connector Type
9C9-662-200 2200 SC/UPC
9C9-772-200 2200 FC/UPC
9C9-AA2-200 2200 FC/APC
9C9-BB2-200 2200 SC/APC
9C9-LL2-200 2200 LC/UPC
9C9-NN2-200 2200 LC/APC
9C9-661-100 1100 SC/UPC
9C9-771-100 1100 FC/UPC
9C9-AA1-100 1100 FC/APC
9C9-BB1-100 1100 SC/APC
9C9-LL1-100 1100 LC/UPC
9C9-NN1-100 1100 LC/APC
Custom Lengths and connector types are available, please contact Fiberdyne Labs Sales for your custom requirements.


Technical Data Sheet

1U Rackmount Dual Fiber Loop Module

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