Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Fiber Test Tote

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Fiber Test Tote


    Fiberdyne Labs Fiber Test Tote allows for single fiber up to 20km test spans. Available options include:
  • - Singlemode
  • - Multimode (62.5/125, 50/125)
  • - Length up to 20km
New York


    Required lengths is specified in the last 3 digits of the part number i.e. 10km. Each end has 3 meters of 3mm jacketed fiber exposed for added durability and can be terminated with a variety of connector types. Combine (2) reels for full duplex applications.


PDF Version of Web page Technical Data Sheet


Fiber Test Tote Drawing Technical Data Sheet


Part Number Description Buy
F1C1KAXGC66XXXK-3YT03M Singlemode SMF28e,
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F1C1KR5GC66XXXK-3YT03M Singlemode BIF 7.5mm,
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F1C1KHXGC66XXXK-3YT03M Singlemode BIF 10mm,
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F1C1KBXGC66XXXK-3OV03M Multimode 62.5um,
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F1C1KQXGC66XXXK-3QV03M Multimode 50um, OM3,
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F1C1KTXGC66XXXK-3QV03M Multimode 50um, OM4,
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Length is custom in kilometers. In part number replace XXX with length.
A wide variety of connectors are available.
Fiber types are subject to availability.



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