Fiberdyne Rackmount 1U Fiber Adapter Panel

    The Fiberdyne Labs' FAP19 series 19" 1U fiber adapter panels can be used for high density patch cable connections as an alternative to more expensive termination boxes. The panels are available in 2 different styles 24 and 26 adapter capacity. Optional front cable management can be added to either panel. The 24-position panel is available with your choice of 24 simplex SC, 24 duplex LC, or 24 MPO (MTP) adapters.
    The 26-position panel is available with either 26 duplex SC or 26 quad LC adapters.


Product Family Adapter Configuration Adapter Color Reserved Cable Management Option
F=Fiberdyne 24SCS = 24 SC
Simplex Adapters
AQ = Aqua (OM3/OM4) 0 = 0 00 = No Cable Mgmt
A = Adapter 24LCD = 24 LC
Duplex Adapters
BE = Beige (OM1)   CM = Cable Mgmt
P = Panel 24MTP = 24 MTP Adapters BK = Black (OM2)    
19 = 1U 19" 26SCD = 26 SC
Duplex Adapters
BL = Blue (OS2)    
  26LCQ = 26 LC
Quad Adapters
GR = Green
    HV = Heather Violet
(MTP OM4 Only)
    LG = Lime Green (OM5)    
    YL = Yellow
(MTP SM LL Only)


Specifications: Isometric Drawings
17 x 13 Universal 1U, Cable Managemnt TrayTechnical Data Sheet
17 x 13 Universal 1U, 24 SC/MPO PanelTechnical Data Sheet
FA Universal 1U Fiber Management KitTechnical Data Sheet
FA 17" x 26 Postion SC/Dual or LC/Quad w/Fiber ManagementTechnical Data Sheet


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1U Fiber Adapter Panel

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