Fiberdyne Labs FCX 2170 Add/Drop Multiplexer

FCX 2170 Add/Drop Multiplexer


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    The FCX 2170 is a 4 Channel 100GHz DWDM Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (OADM) which is a member of the CWDM/DWDM family of Fiberdyne Doublers. The OADM allows the Add/Drop capability to DWDM Wavelengths at intermediate site between 2 doublers. A typical application is illustrated below in Figure 1
Figure 1 FCX 2170 Add/Drop Multiplexer Illustration System
Fiberdyne has developed a complete family of products that encompasses the combination of CWDM and DWDM technology.
FCX 2170
New York


ParametersPath Max/MinUnits
Operating Bandwidth 1460-1620nm
Channel Spacing 100GHz
Insertion Loss 3.5dB
IsolationPass Port15dB
Isolation LossAdjacent Port30dB
Return Loss 45dB
Directivity 45dB
PDL 0.2dB
Operating Temperature0 to 65
Storage Temperature-40 -85


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