Fiberdyne Labs Inc. 100GHz DWDM 10-Skip-0 Band Filter (BWDM)

100GHz DWDM 10-Skip-0 Band Filter (BWDM)


    Fiberdyne Labs banded 10-Skip-0 filters are typically used in add/drop multiplexing applications. They reduce insertion loss, and simplify upgrades, by passing predefined DWDM channel bands in 40 channel DWDM Systems.
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Channel PassBand RefBand
C20-C29 7.44 8.74
C30-C39 7.36 8.66
C40-C49 7.3 8.56
C50-C59 7.24 8.48


Technical Date Sheet 100GHz DWDM 10-Skip-0 Band Filter (BWDM) Technical Date Sheet


Specifications: Performance Specifications:

Parameters Specifications Unit
Operation Wavelength1500~1600Grid
Pass bandWavelength Tablenm
Reflection bandWavelength Tablenm
Center Wavelength 𝞴c accuracy @0.5 dB-0.00/+0.30nm
Pass Channel Insertion Loss≤1.0dB
Reflected Insertion Loss≤0.6dB
Pass band Flatness-Ripple≤0.3dB
Isolation Pass Channel ≥15 dB
Reflection Channel ≥12 dB
Polarization Dependent Loss ≤0.1dB
Polarization Mode Dispersion ≤0.1ps
Temperature Dependent Loss @ ITU Grid 0.003dB/°C
Directivity ≥50dB
Return Loss ≥45dB
Maximum Power Handling 300mW
Connector Type None/
Operating Temperature 10~+75°C
Storage Temperature -40~+85°C
Tensile Load 5N
Fiber Type G657A1 with 250um Bare Fiber/
Fiber Length ≥1m
Package Size 5.5x38 Steel Tubemm
Fiber Color Common Port: Black, Reflect & Pass Ports: Clear/


Note: 1. All optical parameters guaranteed over the entire operating temperature range.


Mechanical Dimensions

Mechanical Dimensions

Reliability & RoHS Assurance Requirement
Telcordia GR-1209 core
Telcordia GR-1221 core
RoHS6 compliance



Revision History
Revision Notes Authors Checked Approval Date
Rev A0 New Release       2020-6-15


Fiberdyne Part Number Ordering Options
FDDW10S01291110 100GHZ DWDM 10-Skip-0 Band Filter, 1x2,
CH20-29, Steel Tube, 1M 250um Fiber
FDDW10S01391110 100GHZ DWDM 10-Skip-0 Band Filter, 1x2,
CH30-39, Steel Tube, 1M 250um Fiber
FDDW10S01491110 100GHZ DWDM 10-Skip-0 Band Filter, 1x2,
CH40-49, Steel Tube, 1M 250um Fiber
FDDW10S01591110 100GHZ DWDM 10-Skip-0 Band Filter, 1x2,
CH50-59, Steel Tube, 1M 250um Fiber


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