Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. ST/UPC Attenuators


    Purpose: To describe the Fiberdyne Labs fiber-optic, fixed, single-mode attenuator with ST/UPC connections.


    Description: Fiberdyne Labs manufactures premium fixed optical attenuators. The FCR0111XX series of singlemode attenuators are made with state-of-the-art equipment in every phase of manufacturing, to ensure that every attenuator meets our ISO 9001 quality standards.


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Description Units Value
Technology Type Doped Fiber
Standard Available ValuesdB1-10, 15, 20
Return LossdB>50, Typical 55
Attenuation AccuracydB±0.5 (1-8dB); ±10% level
Angle & Tolerance°Not Applicable
Operating Temperature°C-40 to +75
Humidity Range%5-95 Non-condensing
Body Dimensionscm5.0 X 1.0 X 1.0
Body Materials Metal or Polymer
Standards Compliance Telcordia


ST/UPC Attenuators
Part Number Description Attenuation Order
FCR011101 Male/Female 1310/1550 1dB Call to Order
FCR011102 Male/Female 1310/1550 2dB Call to Order
FCR011103 Male/Female 1310/1550 3dB Call to Order
FCR011104 Male/Female 1310/1550 4dB Call to Order
FCR011105 Male/Female 1310/1550 5dB Call to Order
FCR011106 Male/Female 1310/1550 6dB Call to Order
FCR011107 Male/Female 1310/1550 7dB Call to Order
FCR011108 Male/Female 1310/1550 8dB Call to Order
FCR011109 Male/Female 1310/1550 9dB Call to Order
FCR011110 Male/Female 1310/1550 10dB Call to Order
FCR011115 Male/Female 1310/1550 15dB Call to Order
FCR011120 Male/Female 1310/1550 20dB Call to Order


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