Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. OLT Passive Optical Module with RF Return


OLT Passive Optical Module with RF Return

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Fiberdyne Part Number FWX-3100 / FWX-3200
Port Label / Application:OLT / Data Band
Wavelengths:1310nm ± 50nm; 1490nm ± 10nm
Insertion Loss:≤ 0.8db
Isolation:≥ 15db
Port Label / Application:EDFA / Video Band
Wavelengths:1550 ± 5nm
Insertion Loss:≤ 1.2db
Isolation:≥ 30db at 1310nm
≥ 20db at 1490nm
Return Loss:≥ 50db
Directivity:≥ 50db
PDL / PMD:≤ 0.1db / ≤ 0.1ps
Port Label / Application:RF Return / RF Return Band
Insertion Loss:≤ 0.8db
Isolation:≥ 15dB
Operating Temperature:-40°~+85°C (-40°~+185°F)
Storage Temperature:-40°~+85°C (-40°~+185°F)
Fiber Type:G652D
Module Type:LGX Compatible
Ordering Information:
Single Circuit:FWX-3100
Dual Circuit:FWX-3200
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