Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Pre-Connectorized Multimode Multifiber Cable Assemblies

Pre-Connectorized Multimode Multifiber Cable Assemblies

Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Pre-Connectorized Multimode Multifiber Cable Assemblies are available with pulling eyes that are flexible enough to be pulled through conduit.
Save time and valuable funds ordering Pre-Connectorized Multimode Multifiber Cable .  Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. has saved customers thousands of dollars on their cabling needs for this application.
Phone your Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Representative today for a quotation on specific requirements. Available with connectors on both ends (Jumper Style) or one end only (Pigtail Style). New York


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  • Save 15 to 20 Percent Over Buying Cable & Connectors Separately and Connecting them in the field.
  • Receive Factory Machine Polished 100% Certified Cables.
  • Speed Installation Time by Only Having to Connectorize One End of the Cable in the Field.
    (Or order with connectors on both ends of the cable!)
New York


  • - On Time Delivery/Fast Delivery - everything possible will be done to help you receive your order when it is needed.
  • - Quality Material - utilizing Corning FDDI Plus Cable for Multimode assemblies and Corning Premium Quality for Singlemode assemblies. We use Corning, AT&T, Amp, and Senko connectors.
  • - Any Cable Configuration - We build both Singlemode and Multimode assemblies, simplex, duplex, multifiber, fan-out, etc.
  • - 12 colors of Multimode and Singlemode are available.
  • - Machine Polish - All Singlemode Assemblies machined polished.
  • - Oven Cured - all assemblies are oven cured.
  • - Drop Shipping - drop shipping is available to any location specified.
  • - Meter Tested - we check every assembly for dB loss and optical clarity.
  • - Sharp Pricing - our pricing is the best in the industry. As a manufacturer, we pass our savings directly on to our customer. We are also OEMs for Corning and AT&T.


Custom Connectorization:
  • - Fiber Optic Jumpers and Pigtails
  • - IBM ESCON Assemblies
  • - Singlemode and Multimode Assemblies
  • - DIB Cable
  • - MIC Cable
  • - Multifiber Connectorization
  • - Armored, Hybrid, Indoor, Outdoor, Military Cable, Ship Board Cable, Etc.
  • - Couplers Connectorized
  • - 6 Pack and 8 Pack Panels with Fiber Pigtails Installed
  • - Fiber Entry Connectors / CATV Service Cables

Other Custom Requirements.....please call with specific requirements.


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