Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Preconnectorized Fiber Singlemode Multifiber Cable Assemblies

Preconnectorized Fiber Singlemode Multifiber Cable Assemblies

Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Preconnectorized Fiber Singlemode Multifiber Cable Assemblies are available with pulling eyes that are flexible enough to be pulled through conduit.
Save time and valuable funds ordering Preconnectorized Fiber Singlemode Multifiber Cable.  Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. has saved customers thousands of dollars on their cabling needs for this application.
Phone your Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Representative today for a quotation on specific requirements. Available with connectors on both ends (Jumper Style) or one end only (Pigtail Style). New York


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  • - Save 15 to 20 Percent Over Buying Cable & Connectors Separately and Connecting them in the field.
  • - Receive Factory Machine Polished 100% Certified Cables.
  • - Speed Installation Time by Only Having to Connectorize One End of the Cable in the Field.
      (Or order with connectors on both ends of the cable!)


  • - On Time Delivery/Fast Delivery - everything possible will be done to help you receive your order when it is needed.
  • - Quality Material - utilizing Corning FDDI Plus Cable for Multimode assemblies and Corning Premium Quality for Singlemode assemblies.
  • - Any Cable Configuration - We build both Singlemode and Multimode assemblies, simplex, duplex, multifiber, fan-out, etc.
  • - 12 colors of Multimode and Singlemode are available.
  • - Any Connector - SC/UPC, SC/APC, ST, FC/UPC, FC/APC, MTRJ, LC/UPC, LC/APC, MTP etc.
  • - Machine Polish - All Assemblies are machine polished.
  • - Oven Cured - all assemblies are oven cured.
  • - Drop Shipping - drop shipping is available to any location specified.
  • - Meter Tested - we check every assembly for dB loss and optical clarity.
  • - Sharp Pricing - our pricing is the best in the industry. As a manufacturer, we pass our savings directly on to our customer.
New York


Custom Connectorization:
  • - Fiber Optic Jumpers and Pigtails
  • - IBM ESCON Assemblies
  • - Singlemode and Multimode Assemblies
  • - DIB Cable
  • - MIC Cable
  • - Multifiber Connectorization
  • - Types of Cable: Military Hybrid, Indoor, Outdoor, Armored, Breakout, Backbone, Multifiber, Dielectric, Distribution, Fanout, Ship Board Cable, Preconnectorized Fiber, Etc.
  • - Couplers Connectorized
  • - 6 Pack and 8 Pack Panels with Fiber Pigtails Installed
  • - Fiber Entry Connectors / CATV Service Cables

Other Custom Requirements.....please call with specific requirements.



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