Fiberdyne Labs Dense WDM Monitor Module Tap

Dense WDM Monitor Module Tap

    To describe Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. new rack-mount module, which separates and outputs a sample of each DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) signal, on a link. The sample is a small percentage of the original signal. The output is filtered, providing only the selected DWDM channel. The result is a monitoring capability, which does not interfere with the link.

    Conceptual Usage:
    The Monitor Module is added to an existing multiplexed link. A set percentage, of each signal, is "leaked" to the outputs. Then, connect measurement or monitoring equipment, such as power meters or network analyzers, to the module outputs. When monitoring is complete, disconnect the instruments. The network is left undisturbed.
    Note: Fiberdyne Monitor Modules can be used with all ITU-compliant, mux/demux modules, including Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. mux/demux modules.

  • - Channel numbers and wavelength spacing comply with ITU-T G.694.1
  • - Integrated fiber optic splitter and DWDM demultiplexer
  • - Ports clearly labeled with Channel number and with wavelength
  • - 1U module with reversible brackets, for 19-inch and 23-inch rack frames

    Standard Configurations:
  • - Two standard configurations: (100-GHz/0.8-nm spacing)
    •     - 32-channel module (ITU channels 21-52) with SC connectors
    •     - 40-channel module (ITU channels 20-59) with LC connectors
  • - Standard DWDM channels, according to the ITU Grid (ITU-T G.694.1)
  • - Rack-mount module, 1U high, 19/23-inch rack frames (reversible brackets)

  • - Alternate channel configurations are possible
  •     Note: Insertion losses may very slightly among channels.
  • - Standard fiber-optic connectors: FC, LC, SC, ST (UPC or APC)
  • - Pigtail modules also available
  • - Tap percentage: 10%, 5%, and 1%


Ordering Information:

1234 5-67 8-910 -111213
FDMO N-    -   -   
FDMON = Fiberdyne Labs "Dense - WDM Monitor-Module"


Digit #DescriptionOptions**
6thWavelength Spacing1 = 100 GhZ
2 = 200 GhZ
7th & 8thNumber of wavelengths32 = 32-channel,

Ch #s 21 - 52 (standard)
40 = 40-channel,
Ch #s 20 - 59 (standard)
(Note: for other configurations, list DWDM Channels in "Special Instructions.")
9th & 10thTap Percentage01 = 1%  (99/01 split)
05 = 5%  (95/05 split)
10 = 10% (90/10 split)
11thPackage1 = Rack-mount, 1U, 19/23-inch
12thConnection Type1 = Adapter, Bulkhead
2 = Pigtail, heavy-duty
(e.g. 3-mm or 2-mm)
13thConnector Style1 = FC
2 = FC/APC
3 = SC
4 = SC/APC
5 = ST
6 = LC
X = other; must list in "Special Instructions"**
Note: **add "Special Instructions," for custom configurations.
Use "X in the part number; then list details of unique configuration.

For example: if the 7th and 8th digits are "04", then list the following:
"Special Instructions: (7th/8th digit): 4-channels - Ch #s 21-24.
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