Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Introduction to Couplers/Splitters

Introduction to Couplers/Splitters

Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. provides a complete line of Single Window Coupler/Splitters and Dual Window Coupler/Splitters in Exact or Ultra Grade. Split ratios range from 50:50 to 99:1 and are used to split the incoming common signal to feed other locations or to feed a tap leg which allows a technician to monitor the integrity of the signal in the system without interrupting the flow of traffic. A tap leg or tap port is typically 1, 5, 10 or even 20% but can be higher. The unit can also be used as a Coupler to blend two signals of the same wavelength onto one common fiber. Since they can be used for both splitting and coupling signals without the use of electricity, these are bidirectional and passive devices. They can be ordered and built as 1x2 or 2x2 leg count.


Customers can choose Singlemode, Dual Window which means the Couplers/Splitters works equally well at both 1310nm and 1550nm. Another option is a singlemode, single window device which means that the coupler/splitter works best at a chosen wavelength either 1310nm or 1550nm. The same holds true for multimode, customer can choose a multimode, dual window LED coupler/splitter which works equally well at both 850nm and 1300nm. The multimode, single window is Laser optimized for 850nm using OM3 fiber.


The packaging allows their use in many different ways: as a bare fiber, light duty, component in very small quarters; as a 900um, silver tube, medium duty, component; or as a stand-alone unit using a heavy-duty package with 2mm or 3mm legs. A popular system packaging is in an LGX module which can be stand-alone or snapped into a panel or box, or they can be put directly into a 1U high rack mount box module. Single or multiple coupler/splitters can be packaged into one module. All are available with Singlemode or Multimode fiber.


  • - Singlemode & Multimode
  • - Jacketed Legs: Medium Duty (900 Micron) and Heavy Duty (2mm & 3mm Jacket)
  • - Light Duty; 250um bare fiber legs
  • - Available with or without connectors
  • - Coupler/Splitters in modules are available


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