Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Singlemode Bulk Fiber

Fiberdyne Labs Inc. offers bulk indoor fiber at significant savings. Singlemode Simplex up to 24 Fiber Riser rated. In stock, available for immediate delivery.


PDF Version of web page Technical Data Sheet


Singlemode Bulk Fiber 1-24 Fiber
Cable Type   Simplex
(1 Fiber)
(2 Fiber)
6 Fiber 12 Fiber 24 Fiber
Riser 2.9mm F9B11A1 F9B21A1      
  2.0mm F9B11A2 F9B21A2      
Multifiber       F9B61A1 F9B81A1 F9B91A1


Singlemode Bulk Fiber


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