Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Singlemode Simplex OS2 MU 2.0mm Riser Assemblies

Singlemode Simplex OS2 MU 2.0mm Riser Assemblies

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Cable & Connector Specifications:
Fiber Type Singlemode OS2 (SMF-28)
Insertion Loss (Transmit)
< 0.8dB
Insertion Loss (Receive)< 0.3dB (0.25dB Typical)
Return Loss> 50dB (55dB Typical)
Radius of Curvature7 to 25mm
Apex Offset< 50µm
Fiber Height< 100nm
Repeatability> 500 Cycles
Operating Temperature-40°C To +75°C
Humidity Range5% To 95% (Non-Condensing)


Singlemode Simplex OS2 MU 2.0mm Riser Assemblies
MU/UPC-MU/UPC F9C11A2GCUUXXXSpecify Length When Ordering
MU/UPC-LC/UPC F9C11A2GCULXXXSpecify Length When Ordering
MU/UPC-SC/UPC F9C11A2GCU6XXXSpecify Length When Ordering
MU/UPC-SC/APC F9C11A2GCUBXXXSpecify Length When Ordering
MU/UPC-FC/UPC F9C11A2GCU7XXXSpecify Length When Ordering
MU/UPC-FC/APC F9C11A2GCUAXXXSpecify Length When Ordering
MU/UPC-ST/UPC F9C11A2GCU1XXXSpecify Length When Ordering
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