Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Multimode Fiber Optic Patch Cord Cable Assembly Specifications

Multimode Fiber Optic Patch Cord Cable Assembly Specifications


Description: Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. offers a complete line of Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies. Below are sample drawings showing Fiberdyne Labs premium quality Fiber Optic Assemblies. Fiberdyne Labs brand is the product of choice for many of the Fortune 500 companies in the United States and Canada. Fiberdyne takes pride in each and every assembly produced.
  • - Simplex and Duplex Assemblies
  • - Any Connector: SC/UPC, ST, STII, FC/UPC, MTRJ, LC/UPC, MTP, etc.
  • - All assemblies are oven cured
  • - Shorts Boots are available
  • - All Assemblies are machine polished
  • - Assemblies are checked for optical clarity
  • - Custom Labeling Available
  • - Drop shipping is available to any location specified
  • - Our pricing is the best in the industry. As a manufacturer, we pass our savings directly to our customer.
  • - Plenum cable available upon request
    - MT-RJ assemblies available upon request


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Cable Data
Fiberdyne Cable 62.5/125 OM1 Tight Buffer Multimode
  Simplex Duplex
Outside Dia. 2.9mm 2.9 X 5.8 mm
Cable Weight 7.8Kg/km 15.6Kg/km
Max. Tensile Load
  Short Term 500DN 1000DN
  Long Term 300DN 500DN
Min. Bend Radius
  Loaded 5.0cm 5.0cm
  Unloaded 3.0cm 3.0cm
Crush Rest. (N/cm) 750N/cm 750N/cm
Impact Resist. Cycles
  @1.6 Newton-Meters 1000 1000
Flex Resist. Cycles 7500 7500
Storage Temp. -40°C TO +70°C
Operating Temp. -20°C TO +70°C
Cable: Orange Non-Plenum (850/1300 nm)
Max. Attenuation: (dB/km) 3.75/1.5
Typ. Attenuation: (@ 23C) 3.0/1.0
Min. Bandwidth: (MHz-km) 160/500


Connector Data
Parameter: Multimode SC
Interconnection Compatibility: All Standard Conn. & Compatibles
Attentuation: <0.2dB Mean/0.6dB Max.
Durability: <0.2dB Change - 500 Remating
Tensile Strength: 20 lbs. <0.2dB Change
Temp. Cycling: -40°C to +80°C / 40 Cycles
Nominal Fiber O.D.: 125um
Ferrule: Pre-Radiused Ceramic
Housing: Composite
New York

Fiberdyne Labs manufactures Singlemode & Multimode Assemblies in a variety of configurations.
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Technical Data:

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