Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Managed Rack-Mount Media Converters and Chassis

Managed Rack-Mount Media Converters and Chassis

Managed Rack-Mount Media Converters and Chassis, 2U, 19" with 16 slots.


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Rack-mount Chassis Specifications:
  • - Master-and-slave structure, Max. cascading chassis number is 4
  • - Supporting remote and local management
  • - Supporting protocols like CONSOLE, WEB and SNMP
  • - Interface for management: RS232 Console Port (RJ45) and 10/100Mbps RJ-45 Ethernet port,
  • - The status of 10/100M media converters with IP113A/C/F/M chipsets can be monitored and queried at the same chassis system
  • - 10/100/1000M media converter card support SFP, CWDM SFP, DWDM SFP and can also display its DDM function
  • - Media converter card supports protocols like Q-inQ Double Tag VLAN, IEEE802.1q Tag VLAN and IEEE802.x Flow control
  • - Support data limit 32k when 100M, 64k when 1000M
  • - Supporting online upgrading by FTP
  • - Support LFP function
  • - Real-time display of voltage and temperature on the chassis and the operating status of the fans


Rack-mount Chassis/Power Supply/Management Card
Part Number Description Buy
FHM-6005 Managed Rack-mount Chassis, 2u, 19", 16 slots Call to Order
FHM-6006 Power Supply, AC220 Call to Order
FHM-6007 Power Supply, DC48 Call to Order
FHM-6008 Management Card Call to Order


10/100 Introduction:
    The 10/100 converter complies with IEEE802.3 standards. It is designed to convert data signal between 10/100Base-TX and 100Base-FX Fast Ethernet. the media converter is connected between fiber cable and twisted cable segments with the network operating smoothly. This converter can be used as a standard alone unit or a slide-in module to fit the 19" converter rack. Adopting WDM technology, the 10/100 converter takes only one fiber cable to transmit and receive data, which will save half cabling cost for you.
    BiDi WDM - Wave Division Multiplexing Technology allows you to use a 1 fiber cable instead of 2, because transmit and receive channels are separated by different wavelengths.
    Converters universal - they can work as standalone modules in point to point applications with external power supply modules - or the same converter can be used as a plug in module in the 19" chassis. Such universal designs saves money and time to your network planning.
    Also, it does not matter what type of TX/RX you are using at central side or remote side, they will always operate smoothly.


10/100 Specifications:
  • - Complies with IEEE802.3 and IEEE802.3u 10/100Base-TX and 100Base-FX
  • - MTU size supported 1600 bytes maximum
  • - Supports pure converter mode data forwarding for extreme low latency
  • - Built in 128kb RAM for data buffer
  • - Optional forward fragments
  • - 10/100Mbps and full/half duplex automatically configure in TP port
  • - Supports end fault function (optional)
  • - MDI/MDI-X Auto Negotiation
  • - LED Indicators: Power, FX Link/ACT, 100 TP Link,/ACT, FDX/COL
  • - FCC Class A & CE approved
  • - LLR, LFP - Link Loss Return (LLR), Link Failure Pass (LFP) features supported
  • - RoHs compliant
  • - Only 1 fiber used instead of 2 - WDM BiDi technology
  • - Stainless steel parts (value added feature)
  • - Standalone, Wallmount or Hotpluggable in 19" chassis - universal design
  • - Wavelength: TX1310nm/RX1550nm; TX1550nm/RX1310nm, for high distance TX1490nm/RX1550nm; TX1550nm/RX1490nm

  • Technical:
    BER: <1E-8
     - Data Buffer: 128kb
     - Power Temperature Variation: 0.2mw/°C
     - Input Power range (dBm): 0~-40
     - Imax: 800mA
     - Power: 2.5 W High performance ICPLUS IP113C chipset based
  • - Fiber cable: 8.3/125, 8.7/125, 9/125 or 10/125 single-mode, only 1 strand is needed
  • - Maximum Distance: 120km (available ordering options 20/40/60/80/100/120 km)
  • - Input Power: IA@+5VDC or 110~260VAC or 48VDC
  • - Dimensions: 95 x 70 x 26mm (External Power), 95 x 70 x 26mm (External Power)
  • - Relative Humidity: 5% to 90%
  • - Operating Temperature: 0° to 70°
  • - Storage Temperature: -20° to 70°


10/100 Cards
Part Number Description Buy
FHM-6040 10/100 RJ45 to FX SC port, 1310, 20km Call to Order
FHM-6045 10/100 RJ45 to FX SC port, 1310, 50km Call to Order
FHM-6050 10/100 WDM 1310/1550, 25km side 1 Call to Order
FHM-6051 10/100 WDM 1310/1550, 25km side 2
(FHM-6050 and FCH-6051) Paired
Call to Order
FHM-6055 10/100 WDM 1310/1550, 50km side 1 Call to Order
FHM-6056 10/100 WDM 1310/1550, 50km side 2
(FHM-6055 and FCH-6066) Paired
Call to Order


10/100/1000 Introduction:
    To centralize the fiber-optic network installation, the 10/100/1000M Media converter with compact design can be used as a standalone unit as well as being installed into the media chassis. These media chassis can assist in producing the power for the 10/100/1000 Media Converter to maintain the fiber-optic network at one location.
    As the Gigabit Media Converter fully complies with IEEE 802.3 10Base-T, IEEE 802.3U 100Base-TX, IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T and IEEE 802.3z. The 1000Base-LX/SX Gigabit Media Converter supports plug and play installation. It also supports flow control and back pressure in half-duplex to eliminate packet loss.


10/100/1000 Specifications:
  • - Complies with IEEE 802.3 10Base-T, IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX, IEEE802.3ab 1000Base-T, IEEE 802.3z 1000Base-SX/LX
  • - TP port supports 10/100/1000Base-T auto-negotiation and auto-MDI/MDI-X
  • - 1000Base-SX: 50/125um or 62/125um multi-mode fiber cable, up to 220/550m
  • - 1000Base-LX: 9/125um single-mode cable provides long distance for 10km
  • - 1000Base-LX: WDM interface for up to 15km single-mode fiber 9/125um
  • - 1000Base-LX: WDM interface for up to 60km single-mode fiber 9/125um
  • - 1000Base-T: 4 Pair Category 5e/6 UTP cable, up to 100 meters
  • - Layer 2 Key Feature:
        - IEEE 802.3x Full Duplex Flow-Control and Back-Pressure in Half-Duplex eliminate the loss of packets
            - Support auto MDI/MDI-X function
            - Store-and-Forward mechanism
            - Non-blocking full wire-speed forwarding rate
  • - Media conversion between 10/100/1000Base-T and 1000Base-SX/LX
  • - Fiber media allows:
        - Multi-mode fiber using SC/LC/WDM connector
        - Single-mode fiber using SC/LC/WDM connector
  • - Compacts size for working with the Media Chassis
  • - LED indicators for diagnosing network
  • - Compact in size, easy installation
  • - Choice of fiber-connector from SC, LC and WDM multi-mode/single-mode fiber for 1000Base SFP interface


Managed Rack-Mount Media Converters and Chassis


Parameter Unit Technical Specification
Nominal Bit Rate Gbit/s 9.95
Distance   LAN Short Distance Medium Distance Long Distance
Wavelength Range nm 1290~1330
Optical Source Type   SLM
Output Spectral Width (-20db) nm ≤1 ≤0.2 ≤1 ≤0.2 ≤1 ≤0.2 ≤0.2
Average Output
Optical Power
dBm -6~1- -5~-1 -6~1- -5~-1 -6~1- -5~-1 -1~2
Extinction Ratio dB ≥6 ≥8.2 ≥6 ≥8.2 ≥6 ≥8.2 ≥10
Output Optical Eye Diagram  Meets the Standard of ITU-T G.691 ( 2006 )
Sensitivity dBm ≤-11 ≤-11 ≤-14 ≤-19 ≤-18 ≤-24  
Min Overload
optical Power
dBm ≥-1 ≥-1 ≥-10 ≥-8 ≥-9  
Jitter Tolerance   Compliant with Standard of ITU-T G.825 ( 2000 ) ≥-1 ≥-10 ≥-8 ≥-9  


Parameter Unit Value Ranges
Work Temperature°C-40~+85
Relative Humidity%≤90
Power Supply (-48V DC)V48±20%
(220V AC)V220±20%


10/100/1000 Cards and SFPs
Part Number Description Buy
FHM-6070 10/100/1000 RJ45 to FX SC port, 1310, 20km Call to Order
FHM-6075 10/100/1000 RJ45 to FX SC port, 1310, 70km Call to Order
FHM-6080 10/100/1000 WDM 1310/1550, 20km side 1 Call to Order
FHM-6081 10/100 WDM 1310/1550, 20km side 2
(FHM-6080 and FCH-6081) Paired
Call to Order
FHM-6085 10/100/1000 WDM 1310/1550, 40km side 1 Call to Order
FHM-6086 10/100/1000 WDM 1310/1550, 40km side 2
(FHM-6085 and FCH-6086) Paired
Call to Order
FHM-6090 155m to 4.5G card, SFP to SFP Call to Order


10 Gigabit SFP+, XFP
Part Number Description Buy
FHM-6025 SFP+ to SFP+ 10G card Call to Order
FHM-6030 SFP+ to XFP 10G card Call to Order
FHM-6035 XFP-XFP 10G card Call to Order


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