Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. 50/125 OM2 Multimode Simplex Pigtail 900um

50/125 OM2 Multimode Simplex Pigtail 900um

Other Connector Combinations Available
Color coded 6 pack & 12 pack pigtails available
2 & 3mm cables available

New York


Technical Data SheetTechnical Data Sheet


Cable & Connector Specifications:
Fiber Type 50/125 OM2 Multimode
Insertion Loss Per Connector
< 0.3dB, Typical 0.25dB
Return Loss VS. Polish TypeUPC: > 50dB, Typical 55dB
APC: > 60dB, Typical 65dB
Apex Offset< 50µm
Fiber Height< 100nm
Repeatability> 500 Cycles
Operating Temperature-40°C To +75°C
Humidity Range5% To 95% (Non-Condensing)
Strain Relief Boot Lengths2.2cm to 3.5cm Available
New York


50/125 OM2 Multimode Simplex Pigtail 900um
LC-Pigtail Simplex F9G1BC4GCL0XXXSpecify Length When Ordering
SC-Pigtail Simplex F9G1BC4GC60XXXSpecify Length When Ordering
FC-Pigtail Simplex F9G1BC4GC70XXXSpecify Length When Ordering
ST-Pigtail Simplex F9G1BC4GC10XXXSpecify Length When Ordering

Other Connector Combinations available.


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