Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Optical Wave Flattener

Optical Wave Flattener

    Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. 19 Inch Rackmount, 2 to 8 Channel, 0-40dB, -50dB Back Reflection, 1550nm Optical Wave Flattener.

Optical Wave Flattener is used to precondition Erbium Amplifier signals to prevent amplitude clipping. The device consists of variable attenuators that are inserted in a series with Optical Lasers to attenuate laser output signals.


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Optical Wave Flattener

Part Number Description Buy
FOWFX*2 2 Channel Call to Order
FOWFX*4 4 Channel Call to Order
FOWFX*6 6 Channel Call to Order
FOWFX*8 8 Channel Call to Order

*Note: Connector Type: X =0 SC/UPC

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