OCC Harsh Environment L-JACK™ Assemblies


    OCC introduces L-JACK™, a robust fiber optic duplex LC connector that couples the small form factor of traditional LCs with the known ruggedness of OCC harsh environment connectors. OCC’s L-JACK connector is designed for environmentally challenging situations and offers easy installation with proven optical performance. Available in a broad range of configuration possibilities, the L-JACK is ideal for installations in extreme mobile environments, industrial applications, and any install that requires excessive fiber optic protection. New York


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  • - Conventional fiber optic connectors were never intended for, or able to withstand, the rough handling of deployable and harsh applications. With the OCC L-JACK fiber optic connector, users can expect:
  • - Unsurpassed ruggedized connector design. OCC’s L-JACK is manufactured with optimum metal materials that can withstand wide temperature ranges and provide extreme impact resistance, unlike the competition’s polymer versions. The L-JACK’s robust design is ideal for almost any harsh environment application where survivability is a factor. Multiple plating options complement the resilient nature of this connector to reinforce its mechanical performance.
  • - Superior optical performance. Compliant with IEC 61540-20, Telecordia GR-326, and TIA-604-10-A standards, the L-JACK connector accommodates standard LC and is available in multimode, single-mode and single-mode APC polish. The threaded coupling ensures proper fiber alignment and reinforces positive mating of the LC connector to the receptacle.
  • - IP-68 environmental sealing. OCC’s L-JACK prevents dirt and moisture from deterring optical connections and protects the duplex LC connector from harsh environments where mud and water are present.
  • - Specialized strain relief for intense tensile loading. When terminated with OCC’s Distribution or Breakout style cables, the L-JACK backshell enables up to 400 pounds of pull strength, allowing the fiber cable to withstand intense tensile loading through difficult hauls.
  • - Variety of configurations to fit any application need. Once terminated, the L-JACK plug with backshell is then used to interconnect with a variety of L-JACK receptacles, including flange-mount, jam-nut and D38999 jam-nut form receptacles. While there are many similar types of connectors on the market, only the OCC L-JACK can bring proven durability and performance to deployable and harsh environment communications. Ideal for quick equipment connections, the L-JACK fiber optic connector is a logical choice for the most reliable communication networks.

OCC Harsh Environment L-JACK™ Assemblies


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