Fiberdyne Labs Add/Drop Regenerator Multiplexer System (ADR)

Add/Drop Regenerator Multiplexer System (ADR)

    Fiberdyne presents a system of Add/Drop/Regenerator (ADR), rack-mountable modules, which include passive and active components. The passive modules, multiplex and de-multiplex 1310 and 1550 "Band" signals to/from a fiber link. The 1550-nm "Band" can include a variety of signals: Sonet or Ethernet, CWDM or DWDM. The active modules can regenerate Gigabit Ethernet signals.


Conceptual Usage:
    Add ADR Modules to existing, dual-fiber links, which have a single wavelength on each fiber. Adding the 1310/1550 ADR system, effectively doubles the bandwidth on your existing fiber. Add optional CWDM or DWDM wavelengths, and the bandwidth is further multiplied.


  • - Wavelength Division Multiplexing of Fiber-optic signals for greater bandwidth
  • - Wavelength Add/Drop for deployment flexibility
  • - Signal regeneration for long-haul networks


Standard Configurations:
  • - Two modular configurations for nodes:
  •     - All-in-One modules for easy provisioning (i.e. one version for all nodes)
  •     - Individual Passive and Active modules for deployment flexibility.
  • - Head-end multiplexer/de-multiplexer for multi-service deployment
  • - Standard (i.e. telecom) single-mode fiber


  • - Single-fiber or Dual-fiber applications (e.g. point-to-point or ring topologies)
  • - Rack-mount module, 1U high, for 19/23-inch rack (i.e. reversible brackets)
  • - Chassis-mount modules, which fit standard rack-mount termination boxes and rack-mount panels(e.g. FCH/CCH or LGX compatible)
  • - Fiber-optic connections: FC, LC, SC, ST
  • - Multiple wavelengths: 1310, 1550, CWDM, DWDM




Fiberdyne Part Number Product Description
FADRS-22-26-210Dual Fiber Solution
Add/Drop FCH module,
LC connectors 2-wavelength, 1310/1550nm
FADRS-22-26-002 Dual Fiber Solution
Regenerator, FCH module LC connectors 1550nm
FCH-2P-RP FCH - Rackmount Panel (Holds 2 Modules)
FCH-12P-TB FCH - Rackmount 5U Termination Box (Holds 12 Modules)
F9C21A1GCLL03M Fiberdyne Labs SM Duplex LC-LC Patchcord 3 Meters

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