Fiberdyne Labs' Inc. Multimode 50/125 Bulk 12 Fiber Riser Rated


Fiberdyne Labs Inc. offers bulk indoor fiber at significant savings. Multimode Bulk 12 Fiber Riser Rated. In stock, available for immediate delivery.


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Cable Specifications: Unit Specifications
Characteristic - Multimode (50/125 m)
Crush ResistanceN/100m1000 (Short Term)
300 (Long Term)
Tension, Maximum N 1500 (Short Term)
300 (Long Term)
Bend Radius, minimum
Long term, No-load, Installed
- 10X Cable Diameter
Bend Radius, minimum
Short term, Loaded, Installed
- 15X Cable Diameter
Operating TemperatureC-20 To +70
Storage TemperatureC-40 To +80
Numerical Aperture - 0.275+/-0.015
Attenuation (850-nm / 1300-nm) - <3.0 / <1.0 dB/km
Bandwidth (850-nm / 1300-nm) - >250 / >600 MHz*km

Part Number Description Price Per Meter
F9B81C1Fiberdyne 50/125 12 Fiber Multimode Duplex Riser Call to Order


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Multimode 50/125 Bulk 12 Fiber Riser Rated

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