400G Cable Assemblies, Singlemode

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400G-DR4 and 400G-XDR4
400G-DR4 and 400G-XDR4
The 400G-DR4 and 400G-XDR4 modules use a single row, angled (APC) MPO12 connector for use with parallel single mode fiber. Although a MPO12 cable can have up to 12 SMF fibers, only 8 out of the 12 fibers are used (4 for Tx and 4 for Rx). This is the same connector that is used on existing 100G and 40G QSFPs that use parallel SMF
(e.g. 100G-PSM4, 40GPLR4 etc).
See Configuration 600 or Configuration 601
The 400G-SR8 optics module uses a single row, angled (APC) MPO16 connector for use with parallel multimode fiber. All 16 fibers are used (8 Tx and 8 Rx). Note: Product not available yet. Please call your Sales Rep