Corning 10 Gig 50/125 Multimode Patch Cords


Corning 10 Gig 50/125 Multimode Patch Cords (Jumpers/Assemblies)

Corning fiber is designed to provide an upgrade path to conquer bandwidth-intensive applications where data converges for routing, switching and storage. It enables cost-effective transmission of up to 10Gb/s over 150 meters, making it ideally suited for high-speed parallel interconnects (HSPIs) in data centers and central offices.
Corning fiber enables transmission distances of 300 meters at 10 Gb/s, ensuring a cost-effective upgrade path for your enterprise network. Whether its streaming audio/video, medical imaging or other bandwidth intensive applications, Infinicor fiber ensures an easy migration path for future demands. (Limited Availablity)
Custom Labeling Available
Other Connector Combinations Available
Boot Options:
  • - Short Boots
  • - Bendable Boots
  • - *45° Boots
  • - *90° Boots
  • - Uni-Boots available for LCs

LC & SC connectors available with or without duplex clips/yokes
Plenum cable available upon request

*Not available on all boots


Application Spaces
  • Storage Area Networks (SANs)
  • Core Edge Switching
  • VSR Interconnects
  • Back-plane Interconnects
  • Proprietary System Interconnects
  • Access Networks
  • Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs)
  • Local Area Networks (LANs)
  • Backbone
  • Riser


  • Fiber Channel
  • InfiniBand
  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
  • Internet Protocol (IP)
  • Ethernet
  • Synchronous Optical Network (SONET)


Corning 10 GIG 50/125 Multimode 3.0mm Duplex jacketed
LC-LCF1C21Q1SCCCXXXMSpecify Length When Ordering
LC-SCF1C21Q1SCCYXXXMSpecify Length When Ordering
SC-SCF1C21Q1SCYYXXXMSpecify Length When Ordering
SC-STF1C21Q1SCY1XXXMSpecify Length When Ordering
ST-STF1C21Q1SC11XXXMSpecify Length When Ordering


Corning 10 GIG 50/125 Multimode 2.0mm Duplex jacketed
LC-LCF1C21Q2SCCCXXXMSpecify Length When Ordering
LC-SCF1C21Q2SCCYXXXMSpecify Length When Ordering
SC-SCF1C21Q2SCYYXXXMSpecify Length When Ordering
SC-STF1C21Q2SCY1XXXMSpecify Length When Ordering
ST-STF1C21Q2SC11XXXMSpecify Length When Ordering

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Corning Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies