Fiberdyne Labs AWG DWDM LGX Modules


    To describe Fiberdynes Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer (DWDM) LGX modules, which use Athermal Arrayed Waveguide (AWG) technology. The module can also provide a splitter (i.e. tap), for sampling and monitoring link traffic.

  • - 100-GHz channel spacing
  • - Wide-Band design - maximizes uniformity in passband
  • - Athermal design for non-powered distribution nodes.
  • - Standard Fiber Connectors: SC, ST, FC, LC, MT-RJ
  • - Connector Polish: UPC or APC (as applicable)
  • - Pigtail modules also available
  • - Can be used as Mux or Demux

  • - Number of ITU Grid channels: 16
  • - Alternate fiber-optic components (e.g. tap splitters) can be combined for enhanced capabilities
  • - Multiple packaging options:
    - Rackmount modules, 19/23-inch, 1U high Aerial and Pedestal Enclosures for OSP (Outside Plant) applications
  • - Other module configurations with pigtails



AWG DWDM LGX Modules Blue
Part Number Description Wavelength Channel Connector
FRX-3000 Arrayed waveguide grating DWDM,
blue, athermal, wideband, 100GHZ,
LGX module.
1529.55 16 LC


AWG DWDM LGX Modules Red
Part Number Description Wavelength Channel Connector
FRX-3020 Arrayed waveguide grating DWDM,
red, athermal, wideband, 100GHZ, LGX module
1548.52 16 LC

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An Introduction to DWDM