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    An optical isolator is a passive device that allows light to travel in only one direction. It is used in applications to prevent unwanted feedback into the system.
  • High Isolation
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Ultra Low PDL & PMD
  • Low Polarization Sensitivity
  • Epoxy-free Optical Path
  • Fiber Optic Amplifiers
  • CATV Fiber Optic Links
  • Fiber Optic Instruments
  • MDM Systems
  • Laboratory R & D
Package Dimensions:

FISO Series Optical Isolator   Single Stage Dual Stage
    P Grade A Grade P Grade A Grade
Operating Wavelength
nm 1310, 1480 or 1550
Typ. Isolation dB ≥40≥36 ≥50≥48
Min. Isolation dB ≥32≥30 ≥46≥43
Typical Insertion Loss dB 0.40.6 0.650.7
Max Insertion Loss dB 0.550.7 0.750.8
Return Loss (In/Out) dB 60/5560/55 60/5560/55
PDL Loss dB 0.50.1 0.10.15
PMD dB 0.15 0.5
Operating Temperature C -5~+70
Storage Temperature C -40~+85
fiber Type   Corning SMF-28
Max Optical Power mW 500
Package Dimension mm ₵ 5.5 x L30 (L38 for 900um Jacket)

Ordering Information:

F = Fiberdyne   Type Wavelength Grade Fiber Type Fiber Length Package Type Connector
ISO=Isolator   S=Single Stage 13=1310nm P=Grade 02=250um 1=1.0m A=Standard Steel Tube 0=None
    Dual=Dual Stage 14=1480nm A=A Grade 09=0.9mm (900um) S=Custom (Specify) C=Filter Case (100x31x8mm) 1=FC/UPC
      15=1550nm   20=2.0mm   F=Field Mod. (100x80x10mm) 2=FC/APC
          30=3.0mm   L=LGX Module (100x80x10mm) 3=SC/UPC
              R=1u Rack Module 4=SC/APC
              S=Custom (Specify) 7=Custom (Specify)
              W=Wallmount L=LC/UPC


1) Package type C is standard for fiber type 20 and 30, A package is not available.
2) Multiple circulators may be packaged types F, L, R and W. Contact Fiberdyne Sales Rep for custom requirements.


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