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Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. offers these Fiber Reels, which are typically used for portable applications. Deploy a fiber cable. Then, when finished, re-coil the cable onto the reel, and take it to the next job. These strong, light-weight reels use heavy-gauge steel for improved durability. These fiber reels also have adjustable braking for proper deployment control.

Standard Configurations:

Fiberdyne offers three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The small fiber reel, FR-WD1, and medium fiber reel FR-WD2 have an integrated handle for easy carry and storage, of small diameter cables. The large fiber reel FR-WD4, includes a removable crank handle for flexibility and includes pillow-block bearings for smooth operation.

Small Fiber Reel Medium Reel Large Fiber Reel
Small Reel ShownMedium Reel ShownLarge Reel Shown

  • Heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Compact Designs
  • Intergrated stands for hands-off deployment
  • Crank handles for easy rewind of fiber cable
  • Adjustable brake control
  • Small capacity: FR-WD1 (maximum size 750 feet of 0.25-inch diameter cable)
  • Medium capacity: FR-WD2 (maximum size 1600 feet of 0.25-inch diameter cable)
  • Large capacity: FR-WD4 (maximum size 5700 feet of 0.25-inch diameter cable)
Ordering Information:

Part Number Description Price
FR-WD1 Small Reel w/intergrated handle. Call to Order
FR-WD2 Medium Reel w/intergrated handle. Call to Order
FR-WD4 Large Reel w/removable crank handle. Call to Order


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