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    These Fiberdyne Media Converters provide a convenient interconnect option for Ethernet networks. These units extend your link distance by converting your twisted-pair (i.e. copper) signals to fiber optics. The fiber options include multimode fiber or singlemode fiber.
  • Standards Complianace: IEEE Std 802.3
  • Data Transfer Rate: 10 Mbps
  • Indicators:
      Fiber Link Ok
      Fiber Receive
      TP Link Ok
      TP Receive
      Reverse Polarity
  • TP (twisted-pair): RJ-45 connector
      Cat 3 cable or higher
      Transmit Distance (max) - 100 Meters


Model FTX-A11
Model FTX-A11
Model FTX-A13
Model FTX-A13


NOTE: Technical Data Sheet Listed for FTX-A11/A12 & FTX-B20/21 below



AUI Transceivers Ethernet AUI Transceivers Fiber
FTX-A11 AUI to 10Base-FL Transceiver Standalone ST Limited Supply
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FTX-A12 AUI to 10Base-FL Transceiver Wallmount ST Limited Supply
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FTX-A13 Extended Body AUI to 10Base-FL, ST Limited Supply
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Technical Data Sheet For FTX-A11/A12


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